Automatic Centrifugal Brakes

  • Designed to stop a load in motion
  • 100% failsafe
  • Widely customizable
  • Rapid custom development and integration

Tech Specs

All capacities are listed in terms of dynamic braking torque. Our method of calculating braking requirements may differ from yours. Please contact us with your specifications prior to placing an order.

Size Torque rating (in/lbs) Part number Shaft Diameter (inches)
6 inch 3,000 64-600 1
12 inch 8,700 64-1200 1.75-2
16 inch 27,500 64-1600  2.85-3
20 inch 50,000 64-2000  3.875
24 inch 100,000 64-2400 3.875


Custom hub sizes and torque capacities can be built to order in sufficient quantities.

All brake models are rated as safe for life safety applications at listed capacities. 


The range of availible engagement speeds depends on the model and application. Standard range is 5-250 RPM, though other speeds are often accomodated.

Typical options include corrosion resistant coatings & materials, photoelectric or promiximity engagement indicators, and custom mounting brackets.

Engagement speed is pre-set at the factory and thoroughly tested according to your specifications. Typically, engagement speeds are set at 120% of your normal operating angular velocity, though other speeds may be required for some applications.

Brakes can be manufactured from various materials and coated to perform in any environment under the most adverse conditions. Intermediate, larger, or smaller brakes can be custom made with a sufficient order size.

If you would like access to more detailed information including complete CAD drawings, please click the Contact Us button at the top of the page or give us a call.



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